Trophyhunter Feb 09 '79

Last year I resigned my team in TROPHY LEAGUE ELITE, but stayed on as Commish and appointed a Co-Commish also who was still playing. Now there is an open invite position that I would like to take over. I also want to resign my Commish spot first. I have tried but cannot. How can I resign the top Commish posiyion so I can join league as a team? T.H.


Trophyhunter Feb 15 '79

Thanks for false offer, I will close this league, but not till end of season. AS it appears you want it done...

FleaMod Admin Feb 09 '79

Please e-mail these types of personal and specific inquiries to our support staff who will provide a workaround for you. You need to be specific with links or league IDs though.

1) Include a link to the league

2) Include the slot you want to take over

3) Include who you want the commissioner to be

They'll take a look at everything and see what they can do. You can contact them here through this link or by clicking the link on the bottom right of this page that says "Contact/Report A Bug."


Trophyhunter Feb 15 '79

No Help... I Guess when Fleaflicker said "You can Commish a League without

a team member" They forgot to say 'Even though your Commosh, you can never resign" ...

FleaMod Admin Feb 15 '79

You never sent us an e-mail. We will be willing to help you out with a workaround if you do.