winkdtm Feb 08 '79

I have Hanley Ramirez coming off the DL, but cannot put him on my team without dropping a player. The player I want to drop has already played today, is there anyway of dropping him now, for tomorrow and future lineups? Yes I can wait until tomorrow to do this. The problem is that while I'm making another pick up, I cannot make any moves until my DL situation has been fixed. Is there any way around this?


FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 08 '79

Go to your Roster page. Instead of staying on Today or This Week, use the the page and move the date to the next day in a daily league or the next week in a weekly league and you'll be set.

winkdtm Feb 09 '79

I've tried selecting the next day, but it still says that all the player that were not on my bench for that day are locked. I can move the "status" (position) of each player for the following days, but cannot cut a player. This probably wont be a problem for me after tomorrow, but if you've got any other ideas, let me know. Thanks.