birdietoday Jan 11 '79

how do i set line up


FleaMod Admin Jan 11 '79

Hopefully this will help. If you have any further questions, contact us at

Lineup Help:

You're in a weekly lineup, so the player's slot will lock once the team plays the first game of the week. So for this week, there's not much you can do now unless a team has not played yet as far as setting your lineup. If you go to Week 2, you can set your lineup and this will make more sense:

To regularly move players from the bench to the lineup, just go to the right side of the Roster page and use the drop down menu to bench a player who may be starting, or go down to your bench and use the drop down menu to start a player at their position.

By looking at your Week 2, it looks like you got the hang of it:

birdietoday Jan 12 '79

How do I put someone on the DL (Ryan Ludwig ) and then fill his roster spot ?? ( like I said im a true blue rookie )

FleaMod Admin Jan 12 '79

When Ludwick officially moves to the team's DL, you'll be able to move him using the right side dropdown box under Status like you start and bench players. He's not eligible for the DL yet in your league, so you're not doing anything wrong.