IceCold89 Dec 28 '78


We are drafting at the moment (email draft), is it possible that the 2013 rookies cannot be drafted at the moment? So that Fleaficker is waiting for the NFL draft to add the rookies in the database?



FleaMod Admin Dec 28 '78

NFL rookies are added after they are drafted by the teams.

They were inputted the night of each draft day last year at night's end, but have often been inputted all at a time that Sunday night or Monday -- the following week the draft concludes. They won't be available until then unfortunately.

We'll have more information on exact dates soon, but to be safe presume Monday, April 29 at the latest -- we hope to have them up every night like last year.

IceCold89 Dec 28 '78

I am talking about the NFL rookies

MGD64 Jan 02 '79

So was he. Read the first line.

scotto1959 Jan 02 '79

If this is a new league, it's always best to hoild the draft after the NFL draft.

IceCold89 Jan 07 '79

I posted that before the Fleaflicker Admin to clarify that I was talking about the NFL not another sport.

TampaJackie Jan 07 '79

It is possible to hold an e-mail draft now,and if it is over before the draft to hold the rookie draft at a later date.I just held an e-mail draft in a 35 keeper dynasty league.we traded rookie draft picks through the message board.The time limit was 24 hrs a pick and it was completed in 19 days.We reversed the draft order for the Rookie draft.

FleaMod Admin Jan 07 '79

Yes, as long as there is room on rosters, you can hold another draft.