jhwallace Dec 19 '78

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I have a flex position that can be any position player. This is what I want. 1 spot where anybody hitter can be put in. We don't currently have a DH spot. I'm thinking this is why Ortiz is missing from the list of players. I was just worried the DH spot could only be filled with actual DHs. Is that true or can all players be put in the DH spot? Thanks!


FleaMod Admin Dec 19 '78

This is the reason he is missing from your players pool (you don't have a DH eligible).

You can in fact have a DH there without having to start a DH as a flex/UTIL position.

Go to Commish Options>Edit Rosters>Custom>Add New Position>Check off DH>Set 0 for Min, 0 for Start and X (however many you want) for Max...

Don't Save... at the screen then go to Add Flex, include all your positions, including DH and then Save. You'll be set with a UTIL position that includes DH and Ortiz.

jhwallace Dec 20 '78

Great. Perfect. Definitely had me a little confused but this is just what I was looking for. Thanks again.