zjones5 Dec 06 '78

This past week I changed the transaction amount from 7 to 2 mid week. If someone in the league went above that amount, would that effect his score at the end. What I mean is he beat me, then a fewer hours later is said that I had actually won and I was confused if it was because I made that change and he was above the limit and it penalized him. Thanks!


taylorartie Nov 16 '79

This is a wack league. the rules are made to be standard from the beginning to the end. Every other daily league has unlimited transactions. That's the purpose of being able to change the roster daily. If a player gets hurt on Monday you are not stuck with him on the roster. You can cut him or place him on IR. Changing the transaction in the middle of the season or week amounts to cheating for members that does not work at the craft daily. daily changes allows you to serve in a general managers role daily. That's the purpose numbf*#s

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 06 '78

No. It did not penalize him for that; stats did not settle for two games until Monday morning so this was why the scoring change occurred.

zjones5 Dec 06 '78

Could you clarify? I'm sorry I'm just a little confused, I am new to fantasy basketball.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 07 '78

You don't get penalized in terms of score if you change the weekly limit in the middle of the week. Some game stats are not official until that night or the next morning. It's possible if something changed, it was due to a stat or two changing when you checked the previous night or into the next morning in a close matchup. Your league looks fine from what I see. One box was edited by the commish. All stats are correct.

zjones5 Dec 07 '78

Ok yeah I was just confused because it said he beat me then a few hours later it said I won, and he was clearly beating me all week. It then deducted a decent amount of points from him so we just didn't know.