puma246 Dec 06 '78

well i was messing around with roster requirements and accidentally got rid of everyones qb is their a way for me to undo this?


puma246 Dec 07 '78

oh and i would like to thank you all for being really helpful I really appreciate it

puma246 Dec 06 '78

ok here is a dumb question when i reply to them do I do it threw my email or threw contact/ report a bug?

puma246 Dec 06 '78

yea sorry about that I sent them a link to my league and wasnt sure if they got it or not will they work on this in the morning? haven't gotten a response from them in a lil so yea I got a lil anxious sorry

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 06 '78

Our staff is working with you through e-mail on this