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MGD64 Dec 05 '78

I can't get it to work on my Ipod touch 2nd generation. It gives me a login error every time I try. This appears to be a common issue. Is there anything I can do to fix it?


FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 05 '78

It logs you off for inactivity. Please let it log you off for security purposes, and then log back in; you should be fine after that.

MGD64 Dec 05 '78

It gives me a message that says login failed. When I click ok, another box appears that just says ok. When I click that, sometimes the login failed box appears again while other times it disappears altogether. Regardless, it will not let me log in with my username and password. It just restarts the cycle.

FleaMod Admin Dec 05 '78

Try downloading a new version of the app and ensure you're using your e-mail address to sign in.

MGD64 Dec 05 '78

Yes to both.