Glen442 Feb 13 '13

Earlier in the season, I reduced all draft picks to 5 rds on each team. Now I noticed that I have 23 draft picks for 2013. It keep adding up which I think every time I made a trade. There is nowhere on set up to stop the the picks being added. What did I do wrong here?


FleaMod Admin Feb 13 '13

What sport and can you link me with the address please?

Glen442 Feb 13 '13

Hockey. League name is Bad Coaches

Glen442 Feb 13 '13

League nbr is 3969

FleaMod Admin Feb 14 '13

Fleaflicker bases your picks off of how many roster spots you need to fill. You have 40 spots and can keep 40, if you keep 40 then you'll have 0 picks. You're keeping 18, so you have 22; peg 35 to have a 5-rd draft.