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PackRule22 Nov 24 '78

Hi, I am a dynasty league commissioner new to this site and I just wanted to clarify how your email draft works. If you could just give a brief outline of how it works that would be very helpful. If I wanted to have a startup draft first and a rookie draft later, is there a feature that would allow people to draft rookie picks during the startup?


rangerdave Nov 24 '78

Flea is currently set for only one draft at a time, though you can have multiple drafts in a season. Therefore, you cannot draft rookie draft positions unless you assign draft pick values to players who then become draft picks.

Flea has many retired players and OL in the system. Make Jerry Rice equal to the 1.01 in a rookie draft. When Rice is selected in the startup, that team gets the 1.01 in the rookie draft. After the startup draft, set up your league to draft again. Manually edit the draft order, drop the retired players and adjust your keeper limits to account for picks.