FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 11 '13

Fleaflicker 2013 will be rolling over tomorrow:



JAMwiz Feb 13 '13

Will you be posting what is new this year? I know you guys were working on a lot of different ideas. Saw your post on DLF.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 13 '13

Firstly we're working on a new site redesign that will be a game changer for mobile. We are working on so many new enhancements, that we don't want to post what will be new because we're not totally sure what exactly we'll be able to roll out. But the site will be absolutely incredible, keeping the same fast speeds, ease of use, and simplistic (but much more modern, sleeker) interface.

TampaJackie Feb 12 '13

when can you quit an inactive league?

FleaMod Admin Feb 12 '13

Go ahead and activate it yourself and then you can drop out. Team->Team Owner Options->Drop out of league

TampaJackie Feb 12 '13

will I get a red flag for activating and deleting several teams?

FleaMod Admin Feb 12 '13

No, it's too early in the offseason

elh10 Jul 25 '13

i did deleting in the offseason and got a red flag at least i dont got it now

Gebby Feb 11 '13

So all trades that have happened since the end of season will be updated, meaning current rosters will be there if you go to 'All Rosters'.

FleaMod Admin Feb 11 '13


Gebby Feb 11 '13

Thanks, great website, love the the customization on point system, I recommend this website to everyone who plays fantasy.

CW_Mac Feb 11 '13

And free agents will be able to be picked up right?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 11 '13

Yes. But you have to let the system know you've drafted. So for that to occur without a draft and to keep rosters as is, go to Commish Options>Edit Rosters>These are the complete rosters. Then when you're ready to draft whenever your league is, go to Commish Options>Edit Rosters>These are the complete rosters but still draft this season....

This is not taking other things into account in terms of keepers, etc. It's just the generic answer to your question.