Lex_Kempo Feb 06 '13

Depending on what page I am looking at, I am shown as a different rank in my roto league. On the main "League" page it shows me as clearly in 1st (1 in the rank column, highest roto point count). On my "Team" page for that league and on my account's team summary page, however, it lists me in second no matter my actual position.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 07 '13

Will look into it; the main page is what to follow as your scoreboard. The team team page may be reset weekly (we're you secon last week)?

Lex_Kempo Feb 07 '13

I'm not exactly sure, one other guy and I have been trading places for first and second since week 2, but I have been labelled as second from the very beginning even when I was conclusively in first the entirety of week 1. Thanks for the clarification though, I just didn't want there to be an argument later with the gang over "who actually won" or something. Haha. Appreciate your time and effort, this is our first try here and we are loving it.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 07 '13

That team page should reset weekly there I'm under the assumption of. See what happens when scores finalize Monday. If its still off, we'll take a look into more.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 07 '13

It should be updating. I will escalate to our head programmer after investigation.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 08 '13

This presumption was correct in that it does it weekly in Roto and TP. However, we may remove the rank from the team page for ambiguity purposes.