Spkilo Feb 04 '13

is it possible to set one up (like in Yahoo!)? Otherwise you could just stream pitchers all year and win 4 or 5 categories....


ElGranCabron Feb 05 '13

my current yahoo league uses an inning minimum... I take it this means you can't set a minimum either then, right?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 05 '13

Correct, not right now, but we're currently implementing some large-scale features that should eventually have this in place down the line.

ElGranCabron Feb 05 '13


FleaMod Admin Feb 04 '13

Unfortunately right now we don't support one. It is in the plans, but not for this season.

You can use a smaller bench and a seasonal (or weekly) transaction limit to combat streaming. We implemented transaction limits last year.