Glen442 Nov 10 '78

We submit our players weekly and locked for the week. One team have goalie brodeur as a starter for the week. Yesterday he traded brodeur. And now he got an empty slot in his starting lineup. I thought brodeur will remain and locked til end of the week(Sunday). Is there anywhere on the set up where I can freeze the players til end of the week even the trade was being made?


FleaMod Admin Nov 10 '78

Trades will go through and players will move in weekly leagues if the player's team has not locked yet.

You executed the trade before Brodeur had played a game this week (technically in a trade he'll lock at 3AM ET), so he moved. If you executed it today, he would not have.

Your best bets 1. Go to Commish Options>Edit Rosters and then Commish Options>Set Starting Lineups and insert Brodeur, and then next week move him back 2. You can go to Commish Options>Edit Past Box Score on Monday and add up his points and add them to DogRiver's team next week.

Glen442 Nov 10 '78

Sorry, and even the team can't even replace with another goalie because the the lineup is locked. As a commish, I don't even want teams to replace with another players during the week.