WVTF Nov 10 '78

I can't find newly added players in the database even scrolling under specific positions. Only by adding their names in the search box will they appear. For ex. I found Hyun-Jin Ryu only after searching for him and I scrolled thru the entire list but can't find any new prospects or signed international players.

It sure would help if I can find these players that appear to be hidden. I was looking under year 2012 as well as 2013.

Many players that had retired several years ago are easily found. Also the unfortunate deceased player killed in the auto accident a couple years back is also still in there.


FleaMod Admin Nov 10 '78

It's because they did not accrue statistics in past seasons. So when you sort through by numbers, they won't show up in a list.

We will have our baseball rankings updated within the next couple of days and you can sort by the Draft column, and they will show this way.

In terms of deceased players and retired ones, they stay in our database for statistical archival and historical purposes.

WVTF Nov 11 '78

Thank you.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 15 '78

If you try sorting by Draft rank now, it should be much better

FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 17 '78

Baseball position rankings have been updated: fleaflicker.com -- total positions (ALL) will be updated within the day or so.

MikeToTheD Nov 21 '78

I am commish of a deep dynasty league, about 600-700 players deep. You have some minor league guys, Zunino, etc... but no Buxton, Bubba Startling. How can I tell my league when players will be added?

FleaMod Admin Nov 21 '78

We have mostly all big-name prospects. If you see any that need adding, please let us know and we'll do our best to get them in as soon as possible.


MikeToTheD Nov 21 '78

Here are names from mlb.com top 100 prospects that were new last year, I do not have time to go through all the prospects right now. Thanks!Carlos Correa

Byron Buxton

Albert Almora

Kevin Gausman

Kyle Zimmer

Max Fried

Robert Stephenson

David Dahl

Kyle Crick

Lucas Giolito

Joey Gallo

MGD64 Nov 25 '78

I'd also like you to add Wil Meyers if possible. Outfielder in the Rays organization. He actually got an invite to spring training, so it's a little odd that he isn't there. Thanks

FleaMod Admin Nov 25 '78

Prospects are updated throughout the week as rosters and news pull from our stars department.

MikeToTheD Nov 26 '78

hes already there

MGD64 Nov 26 '78

Oh geez. Sorry guys, I was spelling it wrong. My mistake all the way.

MikeToTheD Nov 28 '78

Here are some more from 2012... some are already there .. thanks so much!!

Courtney Hawkins

Corey Seager

Roberto Osuna

Joc Pederson

Andrew Heaney

Joey Gallo

Michael Wacha

J.R. Graham

Chris Stratton

Dorssys Paulino

Bruce Rondon

J.O. Berrios

Stryker Trahan

Lewis Brinson

Luke Sims

Tyler Naquin

Also can you add Bubba Starling

FleaMod Admin Dec 04 '78

Thanks, let us know if there are any other players.