LazersPEWPEWPEW Nov 09 '78

Whats going on?


EvanSc Sep 18 '79

I am doing a four for three trade and I'm getting the three and the other person is getting four. He has one open roster spot, so the trade should go through, but it has not, it still says pending and is not going through.

LazersPEWPEWPEW Nov 09 '78

Could you put this through for us please? I'd like to change my roster before games begin tonight

LazersPEWPEWPEW Nov 09 '78

its a 4 for 2, but he is dropping 2 players

FleaMod Admin Nov 09 '78

Looks like both teams made moves to hold it back, it should go through Wed at 8AM if all stands. It's a weekly league, so many of the players are locked for the week. Contact our staff if the trade does not go through by tomorrow. The commish can always put it through as well if no roster max totals or positions are not violated (looks like they previously were); commish can also edit past box scores if they wish.

FleaMod Admin Nov 10 '78

Best Served needs to carry 2 PGs for it to execute-- he only has 1.