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Maves Nov 02 '78

... hurt my reputation score?

I have been joining a few leagues where the commish was desperate for managers and upon going to the site, I find I am no longer an owner of any team in that league and the league is full.

Does getting kicked out of a league count against our reputations on Flea?


FleaMod Admin Nov 02 '78

Yes, in most circumstances, especially with the reason the Conmish provides; more leniency is given to drop leagues in the offseason, however. You're basically free to do so.

Maves Nov 02 '78

So, a Commish decides to cheat by changing a rule after the fact, and I call him on it in the league message board, and he doesn't like my complaining about his cheating and he boots me from the league - THAT would be a negative for me?

That is absolutely counterproductive to FF running credible leagues... don't you think?