MRBLK Oct 25 '78

Is there a way to edit standings. I didnt want the week to begin until monday but it counted sunday nights games as a victory for teams with more points. How can i make everyone even at 0-0?


JAMES-ON Nov 15 '78

thank you

FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 16 '78

No problem

MRBLK Nov 19 '78

I have two teams who managers seem to have abandoned sand this late in season no one wants to join. Can I delete them and not have to 're draft? Will players be available in waivers?

FleaMod Admin Nov 19 '78

Yes, see last response please

MRBLK Oct 26 '78

Thank you sir!

FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 26 '78

Commish Options->Edit Regular Season->Go to last week on the drop down an move all teams to the right side that says Not Playing->Submit