OverAnalyzer Oct 13 '78

For week 17 in our NFL league, Fleaflicker did not apply one of the defensive rules to one of our players.

Player Name: Im Gonna Get Ya

Team: New England Patriots

Rule Not Applied: Offensive Points Allowed

It seems to have applied the rule to all of our other players.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 13 '78

Your rule(s) are as follows for defensive teams:



4 points for every Interception TM

2 points for every Sack TM

4 points for every Fumble Recovered TM

4 points for every Safety TM

4 points for every Defensive TD TM

-10 points for every 20 Offensive Points Allowed (FG, Pass TD, Rush TD) (-0.5 per) TM

This means that -10 is applied and taken off for every 20 OPA. The Patriots allowed 0, so they correctly had no points applied.

OverAnalyzer Oct 13 '78

I hate when I ask stupid questions. :(

I forgot that it doesn't show anything when nothing is applied.

Thanks for the help.