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DigitalOz Oct 02 '78

I am the commissioner for my league and Ithought I checked the option for consolation playoffs in my league, but it doesn't look like it has set up consolation games. It just shows the semi-final teams. I also thought I read in another thread that FleaFlicker will show all team scores anyway, but I don't see where it would display the other teams scores since the Scoreboard view is only showing the 4 team in the semis. I can't change the options (or even look to verify that I set them correctly) because it is too late. If the consolation games didn't get set up, I wanted to track manually, but I an't even see the scores..


FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 02 '78

The consolation bracket is located under the regular playoffs dropdown menu; I'm assuming you see it because you see the matchups there. Once a consolation team loses, they are knocked out, but can set their lineups and their scores will register under Scoreboard->Top Scores.

DigitalOz Oct 02 '78

Thanks. I still cannot find the consolation brackets.. I am clicking on League->Playoffs. I only see the playoff bracket. I don't see that it created any other brackets from the losers of the first round of playoffs..

FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 03 '78

Your league has no consolation bracket because there are 8 teams and 6 are in the playoffs (if it were 4 and 4 we'd generate one).

DigitalOz Oct 03 '78

Our playoffs started last week. There were 8 teams in the first game: four teams lost last week, resulting in 4 playing this week. It didnt create a consolation bracket for the four teams that lost last week.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 03 '78

Your league has 8 teams. 6 made the playoffs, leaving only 2 left. We won't generate a consolation bracket for two teams.

Most importantly, to answer your question, brackets are not re-made after the initial week.