Gridiron-IQ Sep 23 '78

In my league Look At All My Trophies....Wow (i know,great name) there is a guy that just dropped his while lineup for no reason...he has the worst record in the league and missed the playoffs so hes just being a sore loser...i know i can put them all back on his roster but u guys made it so i cant kick him out so late in the season so could u guys possibly remove him from my league and perhaps ban him from fleaflicker forever???please fix this so it doesnt ruin our playoffs...



rangerdave Sep 24 '78

Flea does not police individual leagues. You will have to wait until the new season starts in late February/ early March to boot the owner from your league.

Gridiron-IQ Sep 23 '78

Sorry, his team name is BigTenHusker and his username is freddiebrown

MitchtheCommish Sep 24 '78

Sounds like what I went through. Re add his players under commish options, ban the owner so he cant touch the lineup.

Gridiron-IQ Sep 24 '78

How do u ban the owner??

MitchtheCommish Sep 25 '78

Well, my league is by invitation only, so I just removed the owner.

Gridiron-IQ Sep 25 '78

Ohhh...mines a public league so I don't think I can do anything...thanks though

GCBALLA Sep 26 '78

If it's a public league with people you don't even know and you're not even playing for $$$, who cares anyway lmao? What do u expect haha?

Gridiron-IQ Sep 26 '78

Ur an idiot...

GCBALLA Sep 26 '78

Hey fleaflicker, some random guy I don't even know in a league full of complete strangers is dumping his team. We aren't playing for any money, but could you please add this to the top of your list? I'd like to add another meaningless trophy to my fleaflicker Profile.

Join a real league ya schmuck

Gridiron-IQ Sep 26 '78

Ur here wasting ur time running ur mouth when u could somewhere losing more money...nobody cares what u think or have to say...Leave it for (wild guess) ur stinky friends that don't bathe...