vaccinc Sep 21 '78

2nd questions today

owner left and need to assign another person to his team. Any way to assign a new owner to a team and or a way for me to change a team name. Both will not let me do that.


vaccinc Sep 22 '78

SOrry fantasy football and I guess that means since the owner walked away from a team in the playoffs its a useless team. ok got it.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 21 '78

I'm not sure what sport you're talking about regarding your first question. But it is too late in the season in the NFL to remove an owner; you can do this at Commish Options a few weeks after the postseason ends.

Once the new owner takes over the team, they can do so at Team>Team Owner Options>Edit Team Name. The only way the commish can is when they create the team.