abarrett86 Dec 11 '12

Does FleaFlicker have a public API?


nvleafs 11 Months

Anyone know of a way to scrape data? No API for this site is the only thing holding this site from being better than the big ones.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 11 '12

Not at the moment, no.

abarrett86 Dec 12 '12

I assumed as much. Since you said 'not at the moment', does that mean there are plans for one in the future?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 12 '12

It's something we'd like to have, absolutely, but not imminent with all the other enhancements (mobile, droid, etc) we're working hard on.

drsheep Oct 25 '13

Any update? :) I see a lot of sites using player lineup's from FleaFlicker. Thanks.

fleafounder Admin Oct 28 '13

There's no official API but you can scrape the data you need if your crawler is respectful (requests only one page at a time). What did you have in mind?

dengelberg 12 Months

+1 for a public API