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vaccinc Sep 21 '78

Got the 4 teams in the playoffs but want to change the seeding I can change who plays who but it will not let me. Can we change the playoff schedule ?

I want to have the top team play the worst team no matter of division.


TexasMilitia Sep 23 '78

Is there a way to change the Playoff schedule each week (weeks 14, 15, 16)?

We have a unique playoff semi-final system where:

The #1 seed plays the highes seed, and

The #2 seed plays the other team.

But FF has #2 playing the highest seed, and #1 playing the other team.

I tried to Edit Playoff Schedule, but it says it is too late in the season.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 24 '78

We only offer the re-seeding option where it re-seeds like the NFL where the worst seed plays the best; there's no way to do what you're looking for right now in terms of creating new brackets or an additional path. We may have it incorporated in the future.

TexasMilitia Sep 29 '78

Last week we had 4 teams playing. Luckily we could just look at final points and not "count" the head-to-head.

This week is the championship game. The head-to-head is not right - one team is correct, but the other is incorrect. Is there any admin way to change one of the teams?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 29 '78

Sorry, there's nothing we can do there.