MikePrice Dec 11 '12

If I have a 12 team league, is there a way to set up a consolation bracket for the 8 teams that missed the playoffs so that they all play in a 3-week, single elimination tournament for weeks 15-17?


kucheka Dec 11 '12

Any idea why the bottom four (non-playoff) teams continue to show up on the Scoreboard page while the Round 1 losers disappear? (12 team league)

Theorizer Dec 11 '12

It would be nice if the non-playoff teams could be set up as a single 8-team elimination bracket of their own. Instead of teams finishing 5-8 in one 4-team bracket and 9-12 in another, I think Mike (and I) would prefer one bracket with 5 vs 12, 6 vs 11, 7 vs 10 and 8 vs 9, then the winners of those matches advancing to a "losers' final 4". I know we can edit the seeding -- and I do -- to get the matchups the way we want for the first round, but after that it goes goofy for those of us who have a "non-playoff playoff."

rangerdave Dec 11 '12

Flea automatically sets up a consolation bracket for you, which can be edited per your league needs.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 11 '12

Like Dave said, we automatically set them up, and those that are knocked out can still set their lineups and we'll score them for you on the right-hand side of the Scoreboard regardless if they're in a matchup or not.

Here are your consolation brackets:



MikePrice Dec 11 '12

Will Week 17 still show up in my league? That's when the championship of the 8-team consolation bracket is. I have the proper bracketing now on my two consolation brackets, and the two winners play each other in week 17.

FleaMod Admin Dec 11 '12

No, your season ends Week 16 there.

MikePrice Dec 11 '12

So there is no way around that except for finding a different host site?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 12 '12

You can actually still set your lineups and the points will accumulate Week 17, we extended the grace period at the beginning of this year.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 12 '12

You would have to go to League>Stats

MikePrice Dec 12 '12

That'll work. Thanks.