nlebowitz Sep 21 '78

I am confused by my current waiver priority ranking. I am currently set in 12th place, but do not have the best record nor do I believe would win any tiebreakers. Will you please help explain? Thank you!


steelers06 Sep 22 '78

If the waiver wire is set to yes why would it stop during the playoffs?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 21 '78

Fleaflicker does not adjust waiver orders in the playoffs; the commissioner would have to manually reset them by going to Commish Options>Edit Waiver Order

steelers06 Sep 22 '78

If the waiver wire is set to yes why would it stop during the playoffs?

Looking for reasoning because it has impacted the order and to go back to the league and change things now that will be a challenge.

Thank you

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 22 '78

Because the regular season determines the waiver order. You're dealing with limited teams in the playoffs and a smaller pool so your league has limited and matchups that are not as random/spread out. Unfair to have a consolation team beat a consolation team and have them move down over a possible playoff team that lost.

nlebowitz Sep 23 '78

Can you please clarify your last sentence? I know it is a matter of opinion rather than website operations but I am struggling with this decision and would very much appreciate your insight.

My league rewards both overall points and a playoff tournament at the end of the season. After our first week of playoffs, there are now winning 1st round playoff teams, 1st round bye teams, losing population teams, losing consolation teams, and winning consolation teams. Trying to decide if I should rank order priority based on total week 14 points, regardless of playoff situation. Or, use the original playoff seeding and hold that constant throughout the playoffs. Or something else considering who is still in playoff contention.

Many thanks for any input anyone can offer.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 23 '78

It's really up to you as a commissioner, or take a league vote.

steelers06 Sep 23 '78

still addressing this issue in our league and may decide to freeze the waiver order at the end of the regular season. Not sure if its the best solution but will reduce manual updating and making human error.