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louisb Sep 14 '78

Since we can't alter the playoff seeds after they begin, is there any way you could help us arrange our playoffs so that it is setup where 3 plays 5 and 4 plays 6 instead of the default 3v6 and 4v5?



FleaMod Admin Sep 14 '78

Yes, just go to Edit Playoff Seedings and you can move them around to get the first-round matchups there you desire.

louisb Sep 14 '78

To clarify, we don't need to change the matchups but the seeds.

It's actually the 2nd round matchup we are trying to sort out since we can't edit those. We allow 1st overall and 1st wildcard to select their playoff opponents. This round is fine since we can edit that.

We have reseeding after 1st round set to yes. The first place team has submitted a list of who they want to play, so if we can change the 1st round matchups to be seeds 3v5 and 4v6, it will save us a lot of potential problems with teams next round and beyond possibly not playing the correct opponent (or possibly advancing at all).

Let me know if I need to clarify further. And thanks for the quick response.

FleaMod Admin Sep 14 '78

The limitation of the software only allows two options, to re-seed or to not re-seed. They can't simply move the tree around like you can now unfortunately, sorry.