JayGoff17 Sep 13 '78

why is head to head tiebreaker only if 3 teams are involved? If I was tied with another team and I had beaten them in our only match up shouldn't that be considered as head to head record?


Irishman Sep 14 '78

If 2 teams are tied with the same record at the end of the year and using the tie-breaker "most points scored/game", does that mean avg points per game for the year or most points scored between the 2 teams during their 2 match-ups head to head?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 14 '78

its for all games

JayGoff17 Sep 13 '78

I'm just saying if i was only tied with one other person for last playoff spot or for bye spot, then shouldn't it go whoever won our match up during the season?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 13 '78

If head to head is your first tiebreaker in that league yes, but each has their own rules

FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 13 '78

Like the NFL, when 3+ teams are tied and you're vying for that one spot, it's only fair to use that method if it can be applied to all the tied teams or else you can get penalized for having a tougher schedule or get through easier with an easier schedule. You're trying to break the entire tie, not small parts/sections.

The NFL also implements this behavior for the same reason.