Rambassador Aug 21 '78

The last place team in my league is trying to shop Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to another team for Tony Gonzales and an injured Percy Harvin. The owners in the league had vetoed it twice now. They attempted a third time in 2 days to submit the same trade. As a commissioner is it fair to cancel the trade on my own to prevent foul play in order to protect the other owners?


harpjames35 Aug 22 '78

if has brady and manning, he doesn't need both. Gonzalez might be more value to him than the qb is to someone else. definitely a dumb trade but might not be shady. i would let the league veto and stay out of it.

Rambassador Aug 22 '78

Ok. Thank you :)

OreoBoo Aug 21 '78

Yes, in your rules you should have included a clause giving commish ultimate discretion. Have u spoken to both owners and heard their side of the story?

Rambassador Aug 21 '78

Ok. In our rules I have the ability to cancel any trades. I made the decision to cancel the trade. My question is that a fair trade? League owners vetoed it twice and I personally feel it isn't a fair trade but want to make sure I am seeing it fairly ... I have spoke to both league owners and of course both are pissed but I feel I have to protect the league ...

OreoBoo Aug 22 '78

Doesn't seem fair to me but I only cancel trades if it can be proven the teams are colluding or cheating. You can't stop people from making dumb trades.

Rambassador Aug 22 '78

Thanks again. :)