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Chiefdustin Aug 18 '78

Last year there were restrictions on when I could make rule changes, dump rosters and so on.

I would like to be able to change, alter and work on my league the day after my championship game if possible.

Any idea if that was addressed this year?


FleaMod Admin Aug 18 '78

There are a few weeks of break that the system needs once the playoffs start to maintain site wide integrity that limit changes you and your league can/can't make.

You'll still be able to trade players and picks, but some features will still be locked until the '13 rollover a few weeks later in winter.

Our locks on features still allow you access dynasty/keeper teams and even redraft ones and are much less intrusive than any other site. We're a year-round site to make trades and changes on. Like the real NFL, some outside functions like signing UFAs and making moves are locked for a few weeks of respite; though trading your end-of-year roster never locks for all-year competition.

Chiefdustin Aug 18 '78

Any idea what the date is that I will be able to dump rosters?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 18 '78

After the season ends, it will count down on the top right of the NFL page -- usually a few weeks after the Super Bowl.

Chiefdustin Aug 18 '78