Dom Jul 31 '78

Is it available?


FleaMod Admin Jul 31 '78

Roto basketball is available in the same format as baseball was (just Total Roto). We know it's not ideal the most ideal and popular for the basketball and hockey games, but fear not, we're working on it and will have it incorporated soon.

In terms of offering Roto H2H Each (where each category gets a weekly W-L-T) and Roto H2H Most and each game has a W-L-T based on category with one entire W-L-T. It won't be ready for this year's basketball/hockey -- we're 100% focused on our mobile features/enhancements and the new build of the site in terms of that.

This will likely be pushed back for baseball season. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dom Aug 01 '78

Thanks for the quick response. I couldn't find it in my options. How do I change it to total roto? thanks.

FleaMod Admin Aug 01 '78

If you're trying to change an old H2H points league to Total Roto Points, send our support staff an e-mail and they'll definitely be better suited to help you there: - thank you

Dom Aug 02 '78

Ok. thanks.

FlaviaTitus Aug 12 '78

So there is no max # of games we can change? This means we can change every day according to who is playing yeah?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 12 '78

Correct. We hope to have a games limit per slot soon for Roto but currently don't support it.

FlaviaTitus Aug 13 '78

OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GoJaysGo77 May 05 '79

Wondering if this is still the case for NBA and NHL leagues I already have. I wouldn't mind transforming them into roto leagues at all. Cuts down on some of the noise from bad teams.

FleaMod Admin May 05 '79

It is something we are setting aim for around autumn (no promises or timetable at all). It is high on our priority list and we'd like to have it for NBA/NHL. Hopefully we can get the coding and tested perfected by then. It has not fallen off our radar.

GoJaysGo77 May 06 '79

That's awesome. Let me know if you want a tester, I would be more than happy.