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babartur2 Oct 07 '12

HI Admin,

Can you check my league booya!

heres the situation summoned up.

yesterday we had a trade go through gronk for fitz. the problem is that

fitz already played on thursday, how does this work out? who gets what points, side note: These guys are playign each other so they have been aruging about it,


FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 07 '12

Fitzgerald correctly locks on his original team there as he was a member when it locked.

If you need to change it back:

1) go to commish options->edit rosters

2) commish options->edit starting lineups

You can move him over manually this way and either place Fitz on the new team's bench (or lineup) for Week 5 (6 is fine).

iWINYOULOOZ Oct 07 '12

whats standard protocol here, do we change it or keep fitz, what shoudl be the ruling?

FleaMod Admin Oct 07 '12

We leave that in the commissioner's (user's hands) to create their own rules. Possibly poll your league. Usually we suggest the teams definitely check when the trade processes and if any players would be playing and locked before it executes.

The Fleaflicker rule is to leave Fitzgerald on the team he locks on. But by no means do you have to follow it.