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Caleb_Mencel Jul 13 '78

I see in my league the Tampa Bay defense is shown as only allowing 18 points. However when Tampa Bay's defense was on the field in their game against Washington, Washington scored all of their 24 points. Our league uses the same fantasy defensive scoring as the NFL and Yahoo fantasy leagues. In those leagues Tampa Bay was only given 2 points, because 24 points was scored against Tampa Bay's defense. In our league Tampa Bay was given 3, because Fleaflicker has Tampa Bay's defense allowing only 18 points. I hope that this situation can be resolved and Tampa Bay is correctly shown to have allowed 24 points rather then the current 18 points allowed. Thank you.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 13 '78

This was fixed by our head programmer. Let us know if you see anything else, but all looks good. Thanks.