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LangNutzz Jun 05 '78

Does FleaFlicker have an App for Androids?


FleaMod Admin Jun 05 '78

We are currently working on some intense mobile enhancements that will allow the entire Fleaflicker site to perform superbly well and super fast on all mobile devices (including the the Android OS). The mobile enhancements (similar to what you see now when you go to Facebook or Gmail directly on your mobile device) will give you a better experience than other fantasy websites that provide a standalone native Android App. It is then a very good possibility that after we roll the enhancements out that we will convert this into a native Android app all by itself available to download (but no promises).

We understand how important the mobile experience is and these enhancements will definitely be in place during the 2012 NFL season. They will not be ready before the season. We are diehards like you and check our phone constantly for our fantasy scores, so we hear you.

We apologize if this causes you or your leaguemates any inconvenience. We do believe that the site still does work well enough right now though on your mobile device to get through the beginning portion of the season. Fleaflicker is currently uncluttered, manageable and serviceable on mostly any smartphone. Still not good enough for us, though, and we're working on it.

We appreciate your patience and are confident the time we're spending right now in development will definitely pay off.

We'll keep you updated as always.

bennettj1087 Jun 10 '78

This is pretty exciting. A good mobile-optimized web interface is just as good as a native app anyway and saves you having to maintain apps on multiple platforms.

Thanks for listening to your hardcore users, you guys run a great site (the best fantasy site, if you ask me) so keep it up.


TheBeers Jun 16 '78

"during the 2012 NFL season"

Do you have a timetable (in terms of week #)?

babartur2 Jun 16 '78

YES IM dying to get this app on my iphone 4s, please when do you think it will be available?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 16 '78

We have an iPhone app:

rpatters Jun 16 '78

would love to check out the new mobile site on android.

Kyle4433 Apr 27 '79

Is there an Android App out yet? This will be a deciding factor on where we hold my 12 team league this year!

fleafounder Admin Apr 27 '79

There is no native Andoid app but our site is optimized for android devices. Just visit on your phone and you should see a full-featured mobile optimized site. You can even bookmark it on the homescreen just like a real app.

Please contact us directly if you need help getting started--we're really excited about the mobile changes we made for this season.