Bounty91 Dec 28 '77

Hi guys,

Just a general query about the injury status of players, and how sometimes they don't accurately reflect the situation. Obviously for most injuries, it's impossible to predict whether someone is 'Out' or not, but in cases like Al Jefferson's (who's been ruled out for Saturday and Today's games), he's been listed as Out for Saturday's (yesterday) game but listed as Day-to-Day for Sunday's (today) game. Just wondering if this is a mistake because I should be able to get him on IR (our rules are Out only for IR) and sign someone in his place but now I can't.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 28 '77

In general, for sports like NBA and NHL, it's tough, and a bit harder to diagnose day-to-day guys because there is no 7-day DL, 15-day DL, 60-day DL (MLB), or "official" injury reports filed with league offices (NFL). It's tough to predict if they are really going to sit out or play as most of these guys are truly gametime decisions. We generally list those guys as day-to-day as you can tell.

We view them on a case-by-case basis, as does the company that provides us our injury reports; but the general rule is that if the player has not been ruled out at least around 24 hours in advance, they will be considered day-to-day and not out. In Jefferson's case, it was a personal reason, he had been playing, then missed a couple of days and reports had him missing Saturday and Sunday. In retrospect, he should have been listed as out (but he also could have feasibly returned by Sunday). Because multiple reports had him out for Sat and Sun, he should have been ruled as out; players that are ruled out at least 24 hours in advance in these cases should be listed as out.

If you see someone like him again showing day-to-day and he's been ruled out at least a day before and there's no possible chance he'll return, we can do our best to have it changed. Feel free to contact us and we'll help:

DCers Sep 19 '79

The Utah Jazz tweeted that Marvin Williams is not playing tonight four hours ago. I need to add a player for him. Please fix this.

FleaMod Admin Sep 19 '79

We responded to you by e-mail regarding this issue. Please read above regarding the 24-hour rule in NBA. Thanks and sorry if it's an inconvenience.

DCers Sep 19 '79

I know Marvin Williams was not ruled out 24 hours before his game tonight, but he has now been ruled out nine hours before his game for tonight's game. When are players that are ruled out less then 24 hours prior to their game changed to out? I have Dwayne Wade. He didn't play yesterday and his status was never changed to out.

FleaMod Admin Sep 20 '79

Usually within the day, but sometimes they are delayed because the team does not file with the NBA office until around tip.

We do our best to give you the most time.


DeceptivelyAth Sep 20 '79

Luol Deng has been ruled out for tonight's game. Any chance he gets IR eligibility before tipoff?