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thejordan Jul 28 '77

want a website that will let you post videos and other stuff my league is big on placing league stories and trash talking videos so just seeing if this site allowed all that using nfl now but you can only post pics on your league story and my league def needs more than that thanks for your time


FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 28 '77

We're looking to enhance features and upgrade a lot of stuff for next year. You can post pictures and league stories on the message board page for now. We understand there's a market for video & a commissioner's page -- we're looking into seeing how we can eventually incorporate these as well.


thejordan Aug 03 '77

Ok sounds good keep me posted on your updates I commision a 12 ppr league that implaments IDPs and 3 keepers do you have costum drafts that can be altered by the commisioner are league manager hope to hear back thanks for your last reply

pmdiana376 Aug 03 '77


FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 03 '77

Yes, we have custom drafts, support IDPs and keepers. Once you create the league, go to Commish Options and you'll see those things. IDPs can be selected under Edit Roster Requirements. Keepers at Edit Keeper Rules and your draft by hitting Edit Draft Order, etc.


Sidney1965 Sep 05 '77

We need a draft timer added to the email drafts with and auto-pick feature for when the draft timer runs out. It would help and speed up email drafts...

Mackomish May 31 '78

I would just like to state that I would greatly appreciate an "owner story" or "commish notes" type of thing on the leagues main page... up top... just to spread important news or breaking storys in a way that can't be missed... I don't want to have to clutter my team owners' inboxes just to be sure they get the stories. Being able to embed video into the message board would also be awesome. I ran a league back in the day on Fanball, before they sold out and then I moved to MyFantasyLeague and the only thing I ultimately care about is a system that lets me put my intricate scoring system in place... which fleaflicker does (except for the plays, not necessarily TDs, of 20+ yards or 40+ yards) quite well. These two requests (video embed and story on league home page) are really just luxury items, but they would be awesome to have.

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 31 '78

Thanks and welcome to Fleaflicker. We're working on these issues actively and know they're important. Let me know if there's anything else we can do for you.

prominence29 Aug 09 '78