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scotto1959 Jun 27 '76

DL/LB scoring same play, same player for 2 positions. ie: Orakpo 1 tackle= 2 points atDL plus 1 point at LB for 3 points for the same tackle??? You guys are stupid!!!


dmw71 May 26 '78

Moving post to bottom: As the primary scoring concern my league had last season, I'm checking in to see if this situation has been addressed for the upcoming season?

FleaMod Admin May 26 '78

There are no IDPs with dual eligibility in the NFL (see the following link for how we made those changes: (, so this should be a moot point there on defense.

On offense, McCluster of the Chiefs does still have dual eligibility in the system, but with Jamaal Charles back, the signing of Peyton Hillis, Cyrus Gray in the mix and Shaun Draughn getting 12 carries in the first preseason game, it's likely McCluster will move back to WR. He was mostly playing WR in camp, but we wanted to wait for the first game action to move him. We also want to wait until the second game to officially move him (why he is still dual) because playbooks are less vanilla than the first/starters play more. Since he'll be primarily a WR, he'll likely move over and lose RB eligibility.

We mostly take care of all these cases before Week 3 of the preseason (that's the deadline we give the team who handles the positions to make most of their case-by-case calls). There are some cases where players may switch once the season starts, but very rare and unlikely (we had none last year that changed in the NFL with an OWN % of over 8% in season).

dmw71 May 26 '78

That is probably the cleanest solution. I know you probably won't make everyone happy (e.g. "but so-and-so should be available as a LB!"), but I like the fix. Thanks!

thriftyrocker Jun 03 '78

McCluster is now listed as WR-only. Were there any other changes?

thriftyrocker Jun 03 '78

Any chance Clay (MIA) or Casey (HOU) will get TE eligibility (or RB/TE)?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 03 '78

We have a team that does this. Relayed from them:

No McCluster was the only change as he was not given any carries for the second week in a row after watching the game live again.

Clay is correctly at RB for this season at least. When Sparano was there, he was pretty much strictly a RB. With Sparano gone, they'll move him around the field, but he'll be left there in our system for the year.

Casey is going to be left at RB for sure as well. He is starting at fullback this season (though I'm sure Kubiak will move him around as well). We're not going to be giving dual eligibility away really anymore with much leniency. If that was the case then you can argue 25-40% of the player pool can have dual eligibilities.

McCluster, Clay and Casey are good examples, but it's just not justifiable based on what we read, watch on film and who we confer with in the NFL league office (former and current employees there).

thriftyrocker Jun 03 '78

Thanks for opening the pod bay doors Hal!

mountainlion43 Jun 03 '78


FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 03 '78

Affirmative, Thrifty