zsherwood Jun 09 '71

Our draft was scheduled for today about 4 hours ago and never drafted.


Ben Jun 12 '71

So I use Firefox at home (build 1.0.6 - i think) and had some issues during the draft. I ran the 'click here' test earlier and it had been successful. During the draft, I noticed that the players list wasn't updating...Anyways, I somehow "drafted" JJ Arringtion at the end of the first round (redraft league).

I cut out and signed back on using IE and found out that I autodrafted Aaron Brooks in the 2nd. Fortunately I was able to have a decent draft so I think I'll be OK.

Just wanted to let you guys know that's all. Draft with IE.

chriskamppi Jun 10 '71

i do not want to draft i want to import my rosters with only 4 teams and it wont let me. is there anything else we can do?

fleafounder Admin Jun 10 '71

You do NOT need a full league to draft--you only need 4.

The number of teams in your league is the maximum size of your league. If you cannot fill your league before the draft, don't worry! Fleaflicker allows you to play with any league size as long as at least 4 teams are in the league. If you begin the season with an odd number of teams, one team per week will have a bye.

chriskamppi Jun 10 '71

does the league have to be completly full? i think i can only get 4 guys to play

fleafounder Admin Jun 09 '71

Chris: You can import league rosters once the league fills up. From the commissioner's menu on the league page, select "Import Full Rosters". This option is available only to private leagues that are full.

chriskamppi Jun 09 '71

iam starting a league and i am going to put the rosters in my self when can i do that

fleafounder Admin Jun 09 '71


We've had some serious technical problems tonight (Sunday, Aug 28).

A number of drafts were affected by this. Please reschedule your draft for another day.

SonnyisIll Jun 09 '71

i didn't either. Something's wrong, do i gotta download some software to get into the draft room?