DaveH Jan 08 '76

Add your 2 cents if you are looking for an Android app.


RunLost Oct 17 '79

Mobile site works great and fast. Thanks for that, BUT i cannot draft because Android does not have flash.... Any workaround?

FleaMod Admin Oct 18 '79

Not for now, but a new UI for drafting will likely include the ability to draft with mobile devices. This is what we're building and testing right now just to keep you in the loop and among tops on our priority list.

BrockLanders23 May 16 '79

What al these people said

fleafounder Admin May 16 '79

Just a reminder for those of you that haven't seen the previous announcements:

Fleaflicker has a mobile-optimized site that is compatible with all mobile platforms (not just iOS or android). It has every feature that the desktop version has, except the ability to do live drafts (which we're developing right now; e-mail drafts are supported). It also supports all commissioner options, something no other fantasy site offers.

To get started, visit fleaflicker.com on your movbile device. You can even bookmark the site to your home screen and launch it like any other app.

And if you prefer the layout of the desktop version, there are buttons at the bottom of the screen that allow you to toggle between desktop and mobile.

Volt May 18 '79

Unfortunately, the mobile site absolutely sucks on the iPhone. My iPhone is constantly being sent to iTunes because of the ads for various apps. I don't even have to touch the ads, it goes to iTunes automatically after about 5 seconds. I know I am not the only one having this problem. It would be nice to see this fixed...

FleaMod Admin May 18 '79

We addressed that the other day, thanks, Volt -- we did make a concerted effort to remove all those advertisements that took you to the app store, so you should not see them again. The ad showing "Get This App" was removed and Google was showing that, we do not pick them. If you see any more ads taking you to the iTunes store, contact us so we can block them for you and the site.

Volt May 27 '79

Well it just sent me to iTunes again. Think it was candy crush.

PovertyBayOrca Jul 09 '79

Candy crush auto link to the app store is killing fleaflicker ...

FleaMod Admin Jul 10 '79

If we see any links to "Candy Crush" we will have them removed so you don't leave Fleaflicker. If it comes up again, please let us know the link where it's coming from so we can stop the root cause. Sorry you're having difficulty there.

PovertyBayOrca Jul 10 '79

Thanks for being proactive ...Candy Crush is a problem that extends beyond the Flea. Apple and Google need to step up to this hole that allows rogue ad/hacks to infect tablets/phones with javascript attacks.

It is nearly impossible for us users to pinpoint the source on our android or ios mobile devices. The most we can do is clear all caches and cookies along with strange apps that are running. That keeps it clear till the next ad attack from a web site.

FleaMod Admin Jul 10 '79

This is just happening on mobile and tablet devices, correct? Any pages in particular on our site you are noticing it on?

PovertyBayOrca Jul 11 '79

I cannot tell what ad or what page it is associated with.

If you google it, the javascript appears to be introduced by an ad. Candy crush may not even be involved. Multiple browsers and multiple web sites seem to be affected. No one seems to be stepping up to the problem. The only sure way for a user to stop it is to turn javascript off in their browser but that breaks most web sites.

rhaney78 Jul 29 '78

This appears to never be happening.... :(

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 29 '78

It will happen... And we should definitely have something in season

pcdoc963 Jul 21 '78

android app PLEASE

heck I would be happy to buy a paid app 4 fleaflicker ... Not more than 5 bucks lets be real lol

Jackalope_eye Jun 27 '78

Hello FFlicker, When do plan on a release (date) for your FF app for android?


labrocca Jun 27 '78

Where is our App? You created one of the less used iOS but the more widely used Android doesn't have it? WTF Fleaflicker. I mentioned this to you last year.

Get your crap together.

Jackalope_eye Jun 28 '78

here hows this instead?

BmoreOriginal Jun 20 '78

Every fantasy site should have a mobile app, even if they have to charge for it.

tomtbone Jun 20 '78

How hard can this be come on now. More people have android than ios. Give some love to the superior OS!

FleaMod Admin Jun 20 '78

We addressed it in the written release here: fleaflicker.com

We will 100% have something during the season and you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned, thanks for your patience, and we understand you wanting it. Please read that link for our response.

rlbryce36 Apr 07 '79

any app news

tomtbone Apr 24 '79

So....10 months ago you were 100% sure you would have a mobile app for LAST season..................................................... rrrrrright

JLazar Nov 22 '79

yea seriously i mean u said it would be by now