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New Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton says he'll run more of a West Coast offense than Bruce Arians did in Indianapolis.

Under Arians, the Colts relied on a heavy passing game that sought to pick up yards in chunks. In turn, Andrew Luck averaged a healthy 12.9 yards-per-attempt. Luck is very unlikely to approach that number again. "The short, efficient passing game, a high completion rate. I'm a big believer of the power-running game and I think that ultimately opens up your passing game, the play-action passes," said Hamilton. The Colts were in the middle of the pack when it came to play-action in 2012, but that figures to rise under Hamilton. We might be a bit wary of expecting Luck to top 4,300 yards passing again.


Ghost_Lombardi 4 years ago

McCarthy runs a WC system in GB.

Don't worry about Luck.

joegibbskins07 4 years ago

no worries about Luck in a true west coast offense but the colts have a power RB? with all that passing going on, i missed it.

Ghost_Lombardi 4 years ago

Ballard is going to better than people think, if that O-Line ever gives him a hole.

Time will tell, I guess.

joegibbskins07 4 years ago

the best RB's just need a little crack to exploit. is he that rookie that took over early due to injuries?

Ghost_Lombardi 4 years ago

Ballard was the rookie out of MS State who Wally Pipp'ed Donald Brown.

He'll be the starter there next year. I fully expect the Colts to upgrade the OL and WR positions through the draft and FA. Ballard will be at least a RB3 next year.

Ghost_Lombardi 4 years ago

Which is why I own him on our shared league...ha!

joegibbskins07 4 years ago

we share a league? no we dont. are you a blogger too? your on here more than me! LOL

Ghost_Lombardi 4 years ago



joegibbskins07 3 years ago

who is taco bell?

what is a TV show?

i will take football for $1000, Alex.