Matt Forte RB CHI 9 Months3 Comments

Matt Forte once again reiterated that he expects to be heavily involved in the passing game.

"In this offense," Forte said, "the running back runs a lot of routes and is able to catch the ball a lot. I'm able to catch the ball; I'm willing to catch it. I expect a lot out of myself." In coach Marc Trestman's previous offenses, his lead back averaged 65 receptions per season. Forte should eclipse his previous career-high of 63 catches from 2008 with ease this season.


Doe1989 9 Months

he's gonna be huge this year.

joegibbskins07 9 Months

that's fantastic because I made him and Gore my cornerstone pieces in a few of my deep leagues. I managed to score both at a decent pick values.

Doe1989 9 Months