David Akers K DET Jan 21 '134 Comments

The 49ers will stick with K David Akers for the Super Bowl.

Akers missed yet another kick in Sunday's NFC Championship escape - shanking it off the uprights - but will remain a man of nine lives. Akers has missed at least one field-goal attempt in seven of 10 games since the 49ers' Week 9 bye. San Francisco can only hope it doesn't have the next Scott Norwood (or Ray Finkle) on its hands.


Terry4tw Jan 21 '13

Finkle is Einhorn!

joegibbskins07 Jan 21 '13

dont recall a finkle but norwood was not playing injured so i will have to say Akers will get a pass in my book. its not the niners fault that an injured Akers is better than a healthy Cundiff.

Ghost_Lombardi Jan 21 '13

The laces were out.

The_Outlaw_Torn Jan 22 '13

Einhorn is a man! Ugh!