Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI Oct 11 '785 Comments

Brian Hoyer attributed rookie Michael Floyd's 166-yard breakout game to bracket coverage on Larry Fitzgerald.

"They just started taking Larry away and I know that's frustrating for him but it's a great opportunity for Mike," Hoyer said. "When they play a corner and a safety over the top of Larry, it kind of eliminates him." The emergence of Floyd, Andre Roberts, and Rob Housler as dangerous complementary pieces should help Fitz return to fantasy relevance in 2013 -- provided the Cardinals finally find a QB solution.


Ghost_Lombardi Oct 11 '78

Well, the Cardinals went 7 weeks without a QB throwing a TD, on a team with Larry Fitzgerald.

That's impressive, from a certain perspective.

joegibbskins07 Oct 11 '78

i feel bad for larry. i always thought he was a stand up kind of guy. now he is trapped in cardinal hell.

UncleEG Oct 11 '78

in his first game with the team hoyer didnt look bad, he showed be could play.

drdoomIQ Oct 11 '78

Yeah, but Skelton had some wins early on too. That didn't hold up either

UncleEG Oct 13 '78

yeah but that was cause their defense played amazing he straight is horrible haha