Bryce Brown RB BUF Sep 30 '788 Comments

Bryce Brown is expected to handle kickoff returns in Sunday's game against the Eagles.

It's a sign that the Eagles are completely confident in the health and stamina of starter LeSean McCoy. Anything more than 8-12 offensive touches for Brown this week would be a surprise. In the three games prior to McCoy's concussion, Brown averaged 4.0 carries.


warriors2185 Oct 01 '78

This guy is the biggest bust in FF history!!

dyl_hollywood Oct 01 '78

Define bust?

commodorecanary Oct 01 '78

projected for 20-30 points on like 12 rushes, then goes out and stinks it up. Sorta the way Ogletree did it, one good week then bam, we all find out he sucks

JerryK Oct 01 '78

I believe it was two good weeks but who is counting?

Yoshi Oct 01 '78

You had faith in a Cowboys player besides Witten and Dez???? Really...

commodorecanary Oct 01 '78

enough to make people blow a lot of money on him.

I didn't say I had any faith in Ogletree, but my league went crazy over him after week one and they got burned. I have romo and that's it for cowboys players

Yoshi Oct 01 '78

I remember when he was a must add...ohh the good ol' days. I laughed when he was the most added.

cgregozeski Oct 03 '78

Naa that definitely belongs to mike sims walker