Reggie Wayne WR IND Sep 26 '784 Comments

ESPN's Bob Holtzman reported on Sunday Countdown that the Texans will use CB Johnathan Joseph to shadow Reggie Wayne all over the field in Week 15.

In last year's Colts-Texans games, Joseph stuck to LCB and played Pierre Garcon on the majority of the snaps. Wayne went against Kareem Jackson. The Texans will play matchups this time around, sticking their best cornerback on Indy's best receiver. It's worth noting that Joseph has not been a shutdown force this season. Pro Football Focus rates him 52nd among 111 qualifying cornerbacks in all-around play. He's a relatively middling 48th in coverage.


KennyPowers69 Sep 26 '78

Thank you Reggie for your awesome performance this week.

Ghost_Lombardi Sep 26 '78

Pats and GB showed that Texan secondary is just bad.

Luck isn't Rodgers or Brady, but I do expect this game to be closer than many are thinking.

bendix Sep 26 '78


jackhenson Sep 26 '78