Rashard Mendenhall RB ARI Sep 01 '7812 Comments

Coach Mike Tomlin said he doesn't know who he will start at running back in Sunday's game against the Browns.


drlistsre Sep 03 '78

I'm picking up Ball from Denver vs the Chiefs.He will get a td plus 100 yrds

CommishBobC Sep 02 '78

OK, Guys. I need help. I have both Dwyer and Mendenhall. I also have L.McCoy and want to pick up B.Brown and possibly start him this week. I don't want to keep both Steelers - I want to cut one to get Brown. Which one is more valuable going forward? I also have Darren Sproles. Thanks for the input.

TheOutlaws Sep 02 '78

I don't think I would pickup Brown, not with the shape the Eagles offense and offensive line is. I'd gp Dwyer and Sproles even if he faces the 49ers.

Do you have any better waiver wire options? Hillman? Reece? F Jones?

BlueCrimson27 Sep 02 '78

Mendenhall has better long term value than Brown for 1 week. Given the fact that like 3454353 Steelers have a carry this season, my guess is Mendenhall gets touches sooner rather than later.

Gridiron-IQ Sep 03 '78

id say mendenhall

rmaxtpmx Sep 03 '78

I agree. Brown is only good this week, assuming Shady's out, but yeah, the Eagles' line is dreadful, and he's an untested rookie who has barely played since being the number one high school player. He's a nice shot in the dark if you have nothing better, but i'd try to get Hillman if possible, assuming Reece is gone. Sproles is no good against the niners this week. It's not a bad idea to hang on to both Steelers until we see more post-injury Mendenhall this week. If Tomlin doesn't know who to start, how are we supposed to know?

blindpar Sep 02 '78

Dwyer is the man

SnakeStabler Sep 02 '78

RBBC disaster in Pittsburgh. All those people that held onto Mendy, in hopes he would carry them into the playoffs got screwed. What a waste.

Dboymirza Sep 01 '78

mendy or parmele?

rmaxtpmx Sep 02 '78

parmele. he's at least the undisputed starter.

BlueCrimson27 Sep 01 '78

Well this was enlightening.

Timbow Sep 02 '78

Straight as a pretzel.