Ryan Mathews RB SD Aug 27 '7826 Comments

Ryan Mathews (neck) is listed as questionable for Week 11 after returning to a limited practice Friday.


bassicu Aug 29 '78

Can anybody tell me why no mention of James Starke? He is quietly come back under the radar.

MRON Aug 29 '78

Which 2 RB's to start? McGahee, Mathews, or Reece?

BWilliams89 Aug 28 '78

Mathews or mark Ingram

BigPuss Aug 29 '78

Mathews if he plays. Never know which back in NO will get the touches

swagster Aug 28 '78

Pick two Mathews,mendenhall,rashad Jennings,Jonathan Stewart.

BigPuss Aug 29 '78

Mendenhall and Stewart

aajpity Aug 28 '78

Turner or Mathews??

aajpity Aug 28 '78

or Dez Bryant or Miles Austin.. 1 of those 4..

BigPuss Aug 29 '78

turner. when they get ahead they'll run the ball

RyanPeterlin Aug 28 '78

Week 11 Mathews or P. Thomas

Sumo_Zombies Aug 28 '78


Snake_bitten Aug 27 '78

Isn't that special...

CarlisleWeenie Aug 28 '78

Yeah, and the problem is he's got the late afternoon game, so if he winds up not playing, you're left with fewer options to replace him. Think it's time to make the call. Would have been a good match-up, but not sure it's worth the risk.

BigPuss Aug 28 '78

run someone else

Snake_bitten Aug 28 '78

So freaking thin at RB. Have Marcel Reece as my only other option. He plays at 4pm too so I can put off Mathews til game time I suppose.

Fabio49ers Aug 28 '78

Bro, even if Mathews was "healthy", Reece is a way better option..!! I'm goin with D. Richardson in place of Mathews, and the dude is a backup..!!! Play Reece..

arlstine Aug 28 '78

You are bad, and you should feel bad.

Snake_bitten Aug 28 '78

Ok, here are my backs... pick 2

Mathews, Reece, Green-Ellis.

I have MJD who is out and Andre Brown who is on a Bye so this is all I got. :/

goducks2006 Aug 28 '78

Reece for sure against a weak NO def. it's a toss up between the other two but im leaning toward Ben Jarvis vs. KC def.

Sumo_Zombies Aug 28 '78

Mathews and Reece.

CarlisleWeenie Aug 28 '78

I'd play the law firm. Mathews' health is too questionable to chance it. Cincy has a decent match-up, so BJGE may go off.

Snake_bitten Aug 28 '78

So yeah...torn between Law firm and Mathews...I just know unless Mathews sits, the one I bench is gonna have the better game. :/

RodneyByrd Aug 29 '78

when has BJGE ever went off?

CarlisleWeenie Aug 29 '78

Dude, when has Mathews this year? The law firm has 579 yards and 3 scores. Mathews has close to 650 with one score. Look, I'm not saying BJGE is a better back, but let's not act like Mathews has been Arian Foster this year. And he's hurt. And he's got a tougher match-up. And (and this may be the most compelling argument) he plays for Norv. You want to take your chances with Mathews? Knock yourself out. I hope he does well. Just don't see it this week.

Snake_bitten Aug 29 '78

And I have to leave for work in an hour and can't wait for game time to decide. I have to roll with law firm again this week.

CarlisleWeenie Aug 30 '78

Any questions?