Steve Smith WR BAL Aug 25 '7816 Comments

Steve Smith was given a day of rest on Wednesday.

In other words, there's no reason to worry if you saw he missed practice. "Bottom Line 89" will be ready to roll against the Bucs' horrific pass defense.


varubano Aug 27 '78

Im in a .5 ppr league - I have reggie wayne, denarius moore, danny amendola, steve smith. Need to start 3 ... any suggestions - was leaning toward benching smith or wayne.

JSoccorso28 Aug 27 '78

start wayne, amendola, smith

Easy6 Aug 27 '78

Steve Smith or Randell Cobb?

JSoccorso28 Aug 27 '78


DJ_DanK Aug 26 '78

Smith, Jordy Nelson, Denarious Moore, Marques Colston: which 3 would y'all choose?

rayraya08 Aug 26 '78

sit smith colston and nelson r obviously better and moore has been having big games smith is mediocre

letsdrinkaforte Aug 26 '78

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DBlair Aug 26 '78

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JordanStupka Aug 27 '78

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SuperBracero Aug 27 '78


Samalicious Aug 27 '78

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As for the WR options, Smith has a good match-up, Moore is doing well lately. Colston is hit or miss but I would take him over Nelson this week. Want to see a week first out of Jordy and they have so many options at WR, I'd pass on him this week.

thenoobs Aug 28 '78

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Donbruno454 Aug 28 '78

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Samalicious Aug 28 '78

It's STILL you're, not your. Did you even go to school? lol I'm only 15 and even I know that.

thenoobs Aug 29 '78

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Samalicious Aug 30 '78

Is school the only place you act educated? Every place else you talk like a moron? The bottom line is if you are going to make fun of another you had best not sound like an idiot yourself.