Stevie Johnson WR SD Aug 20 '7810 Comments

Stevie Johnson (thigh) is listed as questionable for Week 10 after practicing again on Friday.

Johnson insists there's "no doubt" he will play at New England. After practicing consecutive days, we have no reason to believe Johnson will not be able to handle his full snapload. He's ranked 24th among wide receivers for Week 10.


Orlando87 Aug 22 '78

Kenny Britt or Stevie Johnson

hardknock27 Aug 22 '78

I have Vincent Jackson, Stevie Johnson, and Mike Wallace. Im leaning towards Vjax and Wallace since Johnson is questionable and last time he saw Pats D he only had two catches. Right decision???

BPivetz Aug 22 '78

Yes, but there's even more reason to bench Stevie. VJax is playing his old team and will go off. Wallace will be without Brown on the opposite side of the ball, so he should get a lot of targets against the Chiefs.

CMACK216 Aug 22 '78

i have fgerald j jones j nelson on bye . should i drop j jones to fill wr slot with stevie johnson

Flywron Aug 21 '78

Stevie johnson or Lance Moore Who would u start??

Rileykkkooper Aug 21 '78

Should I drop him and start looking? I have ppl on bye and hey are to good to drop who is starting him?

Skills Aug 21 '78

I'm starting him as long as he plays which I don't see why he wouldn't. Patriots are a good matchup for him too, fitz will probably be airing it out a lot I'm sure

JackSkita Aug 22 '78

Fitz has to throw all day as they will be trying to catch up

Blizotte Aug 22 '78

last game against the Pats he did get shut down

Blizotte Aug 22 '78

which is rare for the Pats D