Josh Freeman QB NYG Aug 06 '786 Comments

Josh Freeman completed 19-of-36 passes for 262 yards and three touchdowns in the Bucs' Week 8 victory over the Vikings.


AndrewScheller Aug 08 '78

Should I pick up him or Andrew Luck?

Idonthaveaclue Aug 07 '78

Well They've got two pretty good WR, There Rookie RB is turning out to be pretty B.A. and the D ain't soo bad either... he's got all the makins to continue to be pretty good...

djm180 Aug 08 '78

Yeah I was switching QBs every week for a while there, then kept Freeman the past 2 weeks. I was actually worried about the matchup with the Vikings... Now I have to keep going with him at least for 3 or 4 more weeks.

Idonthaveaclue Aug 08 '78

lol rite on man... I've been nervious a bout having two rookie starting RB... Moris has been b.a. and martin has been a solid ten point back... at the last min. I switched him to play GB RB Green... lol so I've got thirty some point sitting on my bench... live and learn... Martin will not come out of the starting line up unless he's hurt from here on out... I actuall picked up Freemen for week ten when Rodgers has a buy... rock on my friend... it's hard to not play freemen from here on out as well.

Greg_W Aug 06 '78

I agree, this is a poor writeup for a player that has been one of the top performing QB's the last 3 weeks.

Perhaps the writer is unsure if this is signs of things to come for the rest of the season or just a mini hot streak. Either way, credit needs to be given when it is due!

djm180 Aug 06 '78

That's it?!? He threw for 3 TDs for the 3rd straight week and that's all the writeup says?